Trust Bank Prepaid Card

A Prepaid Card has a pre-determined monetary value loaded onto it. Trust Bank offers you a Prepaid Dual Currency Card that can be used at any ATM displaying VISA Logo for withdrawal of cash and at any POS displaying VISA Logo for purchase of goods & services within Bangladesh. ATM transactions are to be secured by Personal Identification Number (PIN) known by the concerned customer only. POS transactions will not require PIN. However, all the transactions are to be authorized by the system electronically. Prepaid card is safer than carrying cash and more convenient than writing cheques. It functions like a debit card with integrated online functionalities such as online purchase.


Same services available as a debit card
24×7 hours banking
Cash withdrawal facility from any VISA logo marked ATM from Bangladesh and abroad
Merchandises can be purchased from shopping outlet, departmental stores, restaurants, hospitals etc
Online shopping possible
Account balance inquiry from ATM


No need to have an account in Trust Bank Limited to earn the eligibility for owning a card.
Must be Bangladeshi Citizen, no Age limit.

Required Documents

For Service Holders:

The Customer will submit his/her application to the respective branch and submit the duly filled up form.

The branch will verify the particulars and determine the limit of USD equivalent Taka amount at prepaid card selling rates per rate sheet of the day.

Card will be issued within 3-4 working days as per customer’s interest & subsequent instructions

3 (three) copies of photograph and Photocopy of National ID/Passport.
For International prepaid card customers must provide valid passport.

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