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Personal Loan from City Bank in Bangladesh

City Bank

Hunting numbers: 02 58813483, 58814375, 58813126

Fax: 02 9884446


Name: Personal Loan

Description: Whatever the occasion or requirement may be, Personal Loan from City Bank – is there to solve all your requirement and to fulfill all your dreams.

Loan Amount:

~Minimum: DBT 50000

~Maximum BDT 5000000

Loan Tenure: 1 Up to 5 years

Processing Fee- 2% processing fee on any kind of loan amoun



~Minimum 22 years

~Maximum 60 years


~Salaried Executive: Minimum 1 year experience including 6 months with current employer

~Professionals: 1 year experience of practice

~Businessman: Minimum 2 years involvement in the same business

Monthly Income

~Salaried Executive: Tk. 15,000 (A/C pay)

~Professional: Tk. 30,000

~Business Person: Tk. 30,000

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