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Requirements to open account on First Security Islami Bank Limited

First Security Islami Bank Limited is the one of Islamic bank. The bank has established by the Islamic rules. The bank is providing their service long year in Bangladesh. The many people are using the bank for their daily money activities.  The bank is working with the best feedback. The bank is providing the highest deposit rate in Bangladesh. The banks have many branches in the different places. The bank is providing the all type of loan by the low interest rate. The bank is helping the Bangladeshi investing sector and the bank is maintain the developing the country.  The rural people trust the bank and they go to open bank account on the First Security Islami Bank Limited.

Personal account

  1. Fill up the Bangladesh commerce First Security Islami Bank Limited opening from correctly.
  2. Two copies of passports size photograph.
  3. Birth certificate copies.
  4. The entries document must be verified by the authorized officer of the Bank.
  5. Student ID card copies.
  6. Current valid passport copies.
  7. Armed Forces ID card copies.
  8. The applicants full information with real information and real photography.
  9. If you a Bangladeshi employer, which document/id card copy with attachment photo.
  10. Valid driving license copies.
  11. Voter ID card copies
  12. A certificate from local chairman /or ward commissioner/ or government organs with the applicants photography.
  13. Trade license with the applicants attachment photograph.
  14. If, have any document which photo copies.

That information is needed to open bank account. But here all information isn’t require, some require must have to be.

Proprietorship Account/ Partnership Account

  1. Registered Partnership Deed copies.
  2. Valid Trade license copy.
  3. Proprietor passport copy.
  4. The Company and Firm registered certificate copies.
  5. Current valid passport copy.
  6. Valid driving license copy.
  7. The full information and all certificates with the verified by the Gazetteer officer.
  8. The applicants full real information and real photography.
  9. Company seal and Tin Certificate copy.
  10. All partnerships signed with the all document of the partners.
  11. All partners Voter ID card copy.
  12. Copy of notarize Partnership Deed certified with signature.

That information is needed to open the Proprietorship Account/ Partnership Account. So, you should take the information.

Private / Public Limited Company Account

  1. The two copies of company registration certificate.
  2. Attached other ID
  3. The company’s location document copies.
  4. Two copies of certified by the Chairman.
  5. Two copies of Secretary certificate of the Company.
  6. The company’s government valid certificated copies.
  7. The shareholder personal information with the all valid and verified by the Gazetteer officer.
  8. The company’s original deed copies.
  9. All document copies of the companies.
  10. The Certified copy of Registration Certificate.
  11. The copies of the article on the purpose of the companies.

The bank has the great reputation. So, you can take a decision to open a bank account. Here all information in need to take to open these categories bank account.

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