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How to Get Travel Loan from Eastern Bank Bangladesh

After getting free from works, no one wants to get busier with various activities. Usually the time is wanted by one to spend thoroughly by going through traveling with family or friends. But it is a factor of shortage of money. For providing cost of traveling, there are numerous banks in Bangladesh giving exiting offers with low of charges. The time when you are searching banks can think about Eastern Bank Limited. For providing all of costs for traveling, you can think some considerations that the bank arranges for approving your loan effectively. Now let give close attention to the considerations –


1. To make your travel simple, easy and comfortable
2. Giving dissimilar facilities to the loan receivers
3. Also giving easy agreement in order to make reality the dream of traveling
4. Hasty requirement to fill easily
5. A lot of branches of Eastern Bank in Bangladesh have established to apply to get approved the loan.
6. Give competitive rates on the loan

Amount of Loan:

1. At least fifty thousands
2. Maximum 5 lacks

Tenure of Loan: If you are thinking the duration of repaying the loan of travel, you will think Eastern Bank Bangladesh Limited. This is because that, the tenures of getting the loan are –

1. At least one year and
2. Maximum five years

Eligibility: Most of possibility of approving the loan after applying may come true while one is capable to describe the relevant eligibility that the bank wants. The eligibility of the bank may be –

1. Approve the loan when one comes from govt. organization
2. Also non – or semi government person may apply to get the loan.
3. Teachers private or government cap apply to get the loan
4. Having nationality of Bangladesh is the most crucial of all.


1. Experience of 2 years at least for these fields
2. Copies of national ID cards
3. Get the copy that is about how the amount of money you earn monthly.
4. Show the passport of travel destination where you are going
5. Legal visa of going the destination
6. Fill up the application correctly by including all of information that the bank wants.

If you are dreaming the traveling for a foreign destination, the Eastern Bank Limited will assist to bear all of costs after applying to the bank. Before applying to the bank, you must learn those considerations that have described.

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