EXIM Bank Prepaid Card

We believe the best person to manage your money is you. With an EXIM Prepaid Card, managing your money doesn’t have to be complicated. Load the amount of cash you want onto your card, and you’re ready to spend. Make purchases online, pay bills quickly and easy, or shop at POS. Get an EXIM VISA Prepaid Card and keep your money where it belongs—in your pocket.

Why EXIM Prepaid Card?

EXIM Prepaid Card is a dual currency card.

It is available at any branch of EXIM Bank.

It can be uploaded from any EXIM branch with unlimited amount (Int’l part may load as per Bangladesh Bank Travel quota guideline).

No Profit, no penalty charges.

Bank account is not required.

Worldwide access to over 8.5 lac VISA branded ATMs for cash withdrawal and over 2.5 crore VISA merchants for purchase/shopping.

Online transaction facilities.

Unused balance is refundable.

Issuing fee and Validity

BDT 300.00 + 15% VAT .

Validity is 5 years and the card is renewable for every year.


It’s a PIN-based card which ensures your card’s security during ATM transactions. And there are also a signature and photo of card holder which confirm the ownership of card to POS Merchants.

Customer Service

A 24-Hour priority Customer Service is available so that you can avail support and assistance anytime, anywhere.

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