Bangladeshi Credit Cards Review

(1) Best One :  City Bank AMEX (Gold)

****Recommended for heavy users***

* Brand Value
* Dual Currency,Lounge facility,BOGO offers
* Good for EMI & discount offers almost everywhere
* Special gifts like Novoair Air tickets worth 5000 taka, 1000 taka cash vouchers, Birthday discount vouchers, One night stay at Palace luxury resort , which worths 13k to 20k taka, depending on fulfilling monthly target limit, (80000taka-350000 taka target)
* Security good, very responsive
* Reward points upon transaction, which you can convert into cash vouchers or you can buy products using point from g&g, hatil, otobi & many other branded shops, restaurants, hotel & resorts
* yearly charge too high, can be waived by using reward point (Gold Card yearly charge = 5000 . Which can be waived by approx 12000 points , which needs Yearly 6 lac taka transaction, (2000 points per 1 lac transaction)
* card bill can be paid via internet banking of other banks. You don’t have to wait too long or go to branch, can pay bills without any charge staying at your home

*** but if you are not heavy user & want an amex card, you can take “green blue” category, rather than “gold” category.
There is no major difference between them, except dualy currency in gold, few bogo offers & privileges in gold card, which are not very essential i think.
Green blue card yearly charge probably 2530 ~  something, cant remember right now(for me as a doctor, there was also 50% waiver, so i had to pay 1265 taka, which i paid by reward point also)
I used green blue for 1 year, then switched to gold category. & using gold for last 1 year.

(2) 2nd Best : DBBL (Master Titanium)

***The rising star****

* Payment Period : 50 days
* No late fee
* Dual Currency, lounge facility
* yearly 5 times Buy one get 3 offer in several 5 star hotels
* Yearly charge can be waived by 1500 reward points, which can be earned by transactions of 50000 taka only
* but if you earn more than 2000 points yearly, they extra point above 2000 will be converted into cashback money. 1 taka cashback for per 3 point. Last week i transacted 185500 & my cashback at the end of year for that transaction will be like approx 1100 taka.
*ATM e cash withdrawal charge lowest (Other bank charges processing fee+++ immediately, but dbbl doesn’t), no atm cash processing fee, but 50 paisa per 1000 per day interest will be added
* No check book issued (👎)
* Money can be transferred to your dbbl account via nexuspay with only 1% charge (Lowest One) (👍)
* Card Bill can be paid via fastrack, nexuspay

(3) Lankabangla (Master Gold)

***EMI & Discount Boss****

* Best for EMI, highest numbers of EMI
* Check book issued
* bKash cash in free (👍)
* Single Currency (👎)
* Security Bad, Old Cards are not security chip enabled (👎)
* Card bill can be paid into several banks,like premier bank, dhaka bank, etc
*  Yearly Charge : 2000 (Which can be waived by 15 transactions)

(4) City Bank Visa Platinum

** Came complimentary with City bank amex card ***
*** keep this one as backup
* Dual currency
* Check book issued
* Yearly charge : 1500+ vat, can be waived by 18 transactions

(5) Worst Service :  👎👎👎
Premier Bank (Visa Platinum)

Lifetime yearly charge FREE!! Only for Doctors **********

*** Visa platinum yearly charge: 5000+vat
** Only good for emergency cash backup
** No checkbook issued 👎
** You can withdrawn cash from Branch POS , though several branches don’t have their pos active (👎)** Yearly Charge High (5000 for visa platinum), *****but for me it’s lifetime free as I’m a doctor 😀 (👍)****
* Customer care & customer care officers are very much immature & unprofessional, had to call 6 times & took 4 months to change my email address.

* Have to apply for the suppli card separately

(6) 2nd Worst : EBL (VISA Classic)

* **They can’t keep their commitment to the clients, they promises to give higher limit at first but at the end gives very low category card & limit & don’t even bother. Which actually happened to me.***

* Dual currency, check book issued
* Banking facility didn’t seemed flexible to me
* had to visit their branch to activate their card & check physically, where other cards can be activated by sending email (dbbl)/ calling to helpline number(Amex)
* They can’t change your mailing address without electricity bill copy but i was able to change that without bill copy by visiting city bank branch or calling to the helpline (LBF,Premier)
* Got my worst experience in EBL branches & Card services & customer services
*Yearly charge 1500 + Vat, which can be waived by 18 transactions of any amount. Even 10 taka mobile recharge also counts! (👍👍)
* good for international transactions

*** Recommend for users who uses their cards very few or transaction is average or low but wants to keep a credit card (Moral : Olper moddhe dual currency card, yearly charge kom & vejal na chaile EBL valo.
Valo boltesi only because of yearly charge waiver possible by 18 transactions of any amount ) ***

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