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How To Change Skyitech Script Admin Panel Url

Saber pothome apnar  website er cpanel login korben. Cpanel File manager giya public_html folder jaben.

1: Public_html => jaben

Is folder amar website er admin panel folder . ebar Rename kore ja rakte chan tai type karen.

2: Public_html/AdminPanelFolder/.htaccess => ke Edit Koren.

.htaccess file Ke Edit koren = Line 5 Ja apnar admin panel old name er jagai new name change bosan.

3: public_html/AdminPanelFolder/SkyWriteMp3.php => Edit koren.

= Line 132 par Old Name to New Name.

4: public_html/skyitech/apps/backend/config/app.yml => Edit koren.

= Line 3, 12 par old name to new name.

5: public_html/skyitech/apps/backend/lib/myUser.class.php => Edit Koren.

= Line 322, 342 par old name to New Name.

6: public_html/skyitech/apps/backend/modules/category/actions/actions.class.php

= Line 545, 547 Par Old Name to New Name.

7: public_html/skyitech/apps/backend/modules/files/actions/actions.class.php

Edit koren = Line 564, 611, 613 me Old Name to New Name.

8: public_html/skyitech/apps/backend/modules/files/templates/dirCatchSuccess.php

= Line 90, 91, 123 par old name to New Name koren.

9: public_html/skyitech/apps/backend/modules/files/templates/listSuccess.php

Line 141 Par old name to new name korent file save koren.

10: public_html/skyitech/apps/backend/modules/updates/actions/actions.class.php

Rename korna  Line 118, 120 par old name to new koren.

How Change Admin Panel url Skyitech Script kivabe install korben link here.

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